White Anchovies in Vinegar in Sunflower Oil

Delicious anchovies in vinegar in sunflower oil. The high quality of the raw materials and the individual preparation of the fillets make this product a real delicacy. You can not resist!

Nutrition facts


Energy 1122/270 Kcal
Total fat 20,60
Saturated fat 1,99 gr.
Total carbohydrates 0,8 gr.
Sugars 0 gr.
Protein 21,10 gr.
Salt 3,02 %
Omega-3 (EPA+DHA) 580 mg.

Logistics information

Tin 125 g.

Code 1000402
EAN code 8410140004028
Gross weight 200 gr.
Net weight 125 gr.
Drained weight 75 gr.
Expiry 6 Months
Units/box 10
DUN code 18410140004025
Boxes/palet 392