Spicy Sardines

Spicy Sardines

High quality and 100% Mediterranean Sardines El Menú.  Covered in sunflower oil with a touch of natural chilly and elaborated one by one by the most expert hands. They are one of the most nutritious, tasty and easy to consume preserves.

Nutrition facts


Energy 1579kJ/382Kcal
Total fat 34 gr.
Saturated fat 5 gr.
Total carbohydrates 0,9 gr.
Sugars 0 gr.
Protein 18 gr.
Salt 1,38 gr.
Omega-3 (EPA+DHA) 1520 mg.

Logistics information

Tin 90 gr.

Code 1000052
EAN code 8410140026419
Gross weight 118 gr.
Net weight 90 gr.
Drained weight 65 gr.
Expiry 6 YEARS
Units/box 30
DUN code 48410140026417
Boxes/palet 168

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